We work with many of the world’s most respected institutions, brands and leadership teams to ensure clarity, unlock value and facilitate exponential market growth.

Deep and broad expertise and experience across all financial sectors, all services and products, and all institutional, intermediary and individual market segments

Highly technical, engineering-driven environments such as energy, telecom and construction where all levels of B2B, B2C and B2B2C value chains must be addressed and managed

Main Street
Ever-changing marketplace marked
by product clutter, increasingly
diverse and demanding customers, and highly competitive traditional
and emerging environments

Fortune 500
Large, established, highly visible leaders who need to balance scale with personal touch, sustain and stretch their competitive advantage, and align multi-faceted businesses and organizational parts

Strategic shifts that impact the organization's direction, including M&A, deregulation, emerging technologies, new management teams, crises, expanding businesses and markets

Middle Market/Emerging
Emerging, entrepreneurial and high-growth companies looking to take their brands and businesses to the next level, enhance their cultures and shape innovative products and services

Achieving Together

For over 50 years, DeSola Group has been fortunate enough to have partnered with leaders across virtually every industry to clarify and align long- and short-term strategy, inspire and rally cultures in common purpose and direction, and ultimately shape enduring, substantive, differentiating brands for today and tomorrow.

Together with our clients and partners, we help craft the future of industry, recognizing and addressing the challenges and opportunities within both internal and external environments, and advancing the role and purpose of companies within the greater community.

Client History